Rhea Ripley Designed Tattoo For Judgment Day

Rhea Ripley Designed Tattoo For Judgment Day WWE

Rhea Ripley is not only amazing in the ring, it seems she also has an exceptional eye for design, actually drawing a recent tattoo for the Judgment Day.

In a recent episode of WWE’s tattoo webseries, Dominik Mysterio revealed that not only does he have multiple matching tattoos with the members of Judgment Day, one was designed by Rhea Ripley herself!

Dominik Mysterio described the tattoos he has gotten in honor of his current faction, saying:

“I’ve gotten a couple with the Judgment Day crew that are pretty special. 

“Like this one, we did that one in Puerto Rico, Judgment Day with a little bone and Puerto Rico. All of us, Rhea, Damian and myself… I think Finn had already gone to bed. 

“But we all wanted to get something because it was a really special night, I feel like, for all of us. 

“Last time I was in Puerto Rico before Backlash, I opened a live event with Jinder Mahal and I remember where I did something where I messed up.

“So going back this time around for SmackDown on Friday being the main event with Rhea at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. And then that following night Damian having match of the night against Bad Bunny, it was something genuinely special.

“And I feel like we had to remember that moment forever so we went ahead and got this done.”

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Dominik also revealed the extra special meaning of another Judgment Day tattoo, because it was designed by one of the members by hand!

Dominik revealed that Rhea Ripley designed a scale tattoo for the squad to get, saying:

“I literally have a scale tattooed on me right here for Judgment Day. And this one is even more special because not only is a scale but Rhea actually drew it.

“So she drew it and the tattoo artist ended up just tattooing that on us. And so like, this is really special too just to be able to have that, the crews always with me.”

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Dominik Mysterio was able to regain his NXT North American Championship after having lost it to Trick Williams at the last NXT premium live event, NXT No Mercy.

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