Ric Flair Calls Undertaker The Michael Jordan Of Wrestling

3 years ago by Tempest

Ric Flair Calls Undertaker The Michael Jordan Of Wrestling

Many consider Ric Flair to be the best wrestler of all time. That is why when he gives heaping praise to someone it means that much more. Such is the case with The Undertaker.

In a recent interview with Metro, Flair compared Undertaker to Michael Jordan. Jordan is widely considered the best basketball player ever, so needless to say that is a flattering comparison. Here is the quote:

“People don’t want to see me suplex him. People don’t wanna see me suplex him off the top rope. People don’t wanna see him wrestle! That’s not what they’re paying to see. When he does these incredible things like jumping over the top rope or walking on the top rope and stomping on a guy’s arm and all this stuff – it’s so apparent that he’s a great athlete. But to me as a talent, I’m thinking to myself, ‘How do I enhance everything he does, from sitting up, where he’s supposed to be dead, to taking the best bumps I can for him. There’s a lot of great athletes, and then there’s that one guy that stands out. There’s all these guys, and then there’s Michael Jordan.

If he had to go out and wrestle tomorrow as Mark Calaway, he could do that – but for what? Nobody wants to see me take Mark Calaway over in a headlock. [laughs] Does that make sense? It’s just bulls**t. You never saw Shawn trying to take him over with a headlock or have a match with him like he’s a regular guy! That is not what the people are wanting, in this guy’s humble opinion. I used to tell him, ‘If you just go to your knees, then we’re the same size and let me work you over.’ Taker would go over on his knees so I could chop him, boom, boom, boom. People could believe that. People could believe a shot to the groin, you know what I mean?”

Undertaker and Flair did not have a great deal of history with one another with the exception being their rivalry in 2002. This was the rivalry that saw Undertaker defeat Flair at WrestleMania X8.

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