Backstage Report On Morale At Royal Rumble Without Vince McMahon

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Backstage Report On Morale At Royal Rumble Without Vince McMahon WWE

A new report from backstage sources within WWE sheds light on the backstage atmosphere at the first Royal Rumble without Vince McMahon.

A lot can change in a year and nothing yet has seemed to highlight the difference in backstage tone under a new regime than reports coming out of the Royal Rumble.

With Fightful Select reporting that sources from backstage indicated there was certainly a shift in backstage vibe at this year’s Royal Rumble event compared to last year’s.

One talent noting that the Rumble process was “the easiest in a long time,” since the absence of Vince McMahon, with “way less last minute changes.”

While the talent noted it was difficult to compare since 2021 was still impacted by COVID, this year’s Rumble was “a dream” compared to last year’s debacle. 

NXT talent that spoke to Fightful also noted renewed optimism after the previous year’s Rumble featured a strict edict from Vince McMahon that no NXT talent would be utilized.

However this year, several members of the NXT Women’s Division were able to make their mark in the Rumble, you can learn more about that by clicking here. 

Still the only negative being reported from backstage sources?

The HARDY performance was not particularly well received with some comment that it cut into time for others.

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