Rumor: WWE Had “No Choice” Regarding Championship Match

Rumor: WWE Had “No Choice” Regarding Championship Match

On Monday, WWE announced that Ronda Rousey would be competing for the Raw Women’s Championship at Money In The Bank. This came as a major surprise due to how soon into the former UFC Bantamweight Champion’s WWE career it has come. However, if the WrestleVotes Twitter account is to be believed, the company didn’t really have a choice.

Apparently, WWE did not want to leave Rousey off another pay-per-view but didn’t want her in the ladder match either. This is actually quite a promising statement, if true. We often criticize WWE for how they tend to rely too heavily on part-time talent. Look no further than current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar to see an example of that.

The fact the company is careful not to leave Rousey off multiple pay-per-views lends credence to reports of her being a full-time member of the roster. Still, it raises the question: Was this actually the only way to get her on the card?

As seen at WrestleMania 34, Rousey could have been placed into either a multi-person or a singles match with nothing but pride on the line. She could have easily walked away as the victor simply with more legitimacy on her side.

Why not have Ronda quickly and decisively put away someone with plenty of experience and championship reigns to their name like Mickey James, for example, who has been somewhat in Rousey’s crosshairs as of late? It would have done nothing but good for the ‘Rowdy One’s image and would not have harmed James in the slightest… not metaphorically anyway, literally might be another question.


What are your thoughts on Rousey getting a championship match so soon into her WWE tenure? Was there another way to get her on the card? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter here

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