RUMOUR: Huge Return Set For WWE Raw?

3 years ago by Tempest

RUMOUR: Huge Return Set For WWE Raw?

It is the time of the week that rumours start to swirl about WWE Raw. There seems to be something in the works for tonight’s show and it appears to be something people will like.

The highly reputable WrestleVotes Twitter account knows what is happening. While they mentioned they did not want to spoil the surprise, they may have teased the return of former World Champion Christian.

“I really don’t want to spoil the news for everyone, so I’m not. However, I got a phone call earlier with info that RAW will feature something unexpected. Which I think everyone will like…. Sometimes scares (scars?) never heal.”

If that last line is meant to read as “Sometimes scars never heal”, this may be a reference to Christian’s entrance music. One of the first lines in the song is “Dreams you’ve never lived and scars never heal”.

Christian has been adamant in the past that he will not be returning to the ring. However, Edge stated pretty adamantly that he was not returning in the build up to his return so it is clear these guys are willing to lie to keep a secret intact.

It should be mentioned that this is purely speculation and not an official report of Christian’s return. We will provide more details if they become available.

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