Ryback Reacts To Controversial Undertaker Comments

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Ryback Reacts To Controversial Undertaker Comments

Oh good. Everyone’s favourite wrestler Ryback has reacted to the controversial comments Undertaker made this past week.

A lot of current wrestlers disagreed with Taker’s comments about “when men were men” and such things, but Ryback, probably unsurprisingly, took a different approach.

He tweeted:

Listening to @undertakeron @joerogan and it’s a great listen. The men and women that came before us were cut from a different cloth and as humans we learn from our past. The wrestling business will continue to evolve and improve, but nothing but respect, incredible story!

In the interview, Taker took a few digs at modern wrestlers for playing video games instead of doing whatever unsavoury things they did back in his day.

Ryback has definitely picked a few fights lately, but it seems that Undertaker is not one of them.

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