Ryback Reveals What His Biggest WWE Payday Was

3 years ago by Tempest

Ryback Reveals What His Biggest WWE Payday Was

Ryback had a decent length in WWE. He debuted as Skip Sheffield on the original NXT in 2010 but redebuted as his more well-known character in 2012.

With so much time on the main roster, one might wonder what the biggest payday for a current WWE star looks like. Now, we know. In an interview with the Wrestling Inc. podcast, Ryback revealed the details of his biggest payday. Here is the quote, also courtesy of Wrestling Inc.:

“My single best payday was a merchandising check that I got while in India by myself. I just had turned heel. They sent me to India for media, which would end up getting like 13,000 people in a mall for my appearance. It was also one of the coolest moments of my career. They still were treating me like a babyface even though I turned heel and everything that was going on with John Cena.

“But I’ll never forget, I was in India and I got a quick break to go eat for 20 minutes between media, and I had like a steak and vegetables. Got up there. It was like the afternoon there, but like Friday night it hit in Vegas. The time difference, that is when the WWE checks would always go to the direct deposit. I remember I opened my phone, I opened my Chase Bank app and look, and there was a check for like $130,000 for my royalties and merch, and I hadn’t even started. They pulled my merch, though, right before that from the quarter before. Had things kept going, that would have only kept going up. So, that was the highest payday I have ever gotten in WWE, followed by the Mark Henry match.”

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