SAnitY Debut for WWE SmackDown Live

SAnitY Debut for WWE SmackDown Live

They’re unpredictable and unhinged. They stalk to the ring like they’ve just survived The Purge, and they have been advertised for SmackDown Live for weeks, although the vignettes have stopped for a little while now.

Just when it looked like WWE had forgotten about the popular NXT faction known as SAnitY, they turned up in a main roster ring. Sportskeeda are reporting that SAnitY members Eric Young, Kilian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe recently debuted on a SmackDown Live house show in Waco, TX, where they fought Luke Gallows and Karl ‘Abs’ Anderson. After some heelish interference on the part of Young’s stable, the match was awarded to the Club members via disqualification.

The group was sans Nikki Cross (shakes fist at WWE creative) but this was to be expected, as the rope-biting psychopath of the NXT Women’s division did not appear in any of the previous SAnitY hype material.

Speculation as to why SAnitY did not appear for SD Live sooner usually amounts to WWE “having nothing for them.” This is both benign and troubling reasoning. On one hand, it means SAnitY members aren’t injured, or worse, so haven’t suffered any major setbacks. On the other, it indicates that WWE is having a tough time booking a group that are already a hit and 100 percent unique.

Many wrestlers, like fan favorites Becky Lynch and Chad Gable, have puttered around the roster of late due to the ‘don’t have anything for you’ syndrome. Given the talent level of these superstars, though, and their new colleagues in SAnitY, this creative syndrome need not be a kiss of death. We must look forward to what this group can do once established on the main roster.

Are you happy that SAnitY have finally turned up? When will they debut on SmackDown television? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or on Twitter here!

6 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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