Seth Rollins Reveals How Much Longer He Plans To Wrestle

Seth Rollins Reveals How Much Longer He Plans To Wrestle WWE

WWE star Seth Rollins has commented on his in-ring future, addressing whether or not he thinks he has hit his prime in wrestling.

Rollins is currently the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and shows no signs of slowing down after over ten years on the main roster.

Speaking on Logan Paul’s ImPaulsive podcast, Rollins noted that he feels like he’s now in his wrestling prime, with 20 years of in-ring experience under his belt.

Believing that he’ll be wrestling for six to ten more years, Rollins said:

“So I feel like I’m just starting my prime. I’ve been wrestling since I was roughly 16/17 years old, so 20 years now.

“So, in our industry, and there are some exceptions, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, he’s kind of an exception obviously because he was sort of a part of the business his entire life because his family was in it, but his real run was only like four years, it was tiny.

“For the most part, historically, you need years and years of experience, thousands of matches, you’ve got to build equity with your audience, so I am at the point now where I’m 37, and so I’ve got probably like this maybe 6 to 10 year window, depending on my health, where I’m going to be in the sweet spot, where like my body can still go, but my brain is also finally caught up to where I am physically.

“So like, mentally and physically I haven’t deteriorated I’m like, in that perfect zone where I’m not quite what I was when I was your (Logan Paul) age athletically, but I’m still pushing it, and mentally I’m just, I can read the room when we go out there, it’s like cake for me.

“So I’m in that zone for like 6 to 10 years depending on how my body holds up, and then who knows. Then I’ll turn into the Undertaker and turn up once a year for WrestleMania.

“But yeah, I’m feeling really good right now, I’m in a sweet spot.”

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Rollins also shared his honest thoughts on a former rival, calling him one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

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