Several AEW Stars Interested In Joining WWE?

11 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Several AEW Stars Interested In Joining WWE? WWE/AEW

It has been indicated that there are several names in AEW who are considering joining WWE in the future.

Per the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there have been individuals making ‘main roster salaries’ in AEW that were interested in a move to WWE, but were told by friends to stay until at least 2024, when AEW will potentially have a larger budget for talent following a new TV deal.

Meltzer wrote:

Previously, there were talents that were interested in coming from AEW to WWE that were making main roster salaries that were told by friends in AEW to stay put until 2024 when the company would be able to budget far more for talent.

“Even if AEW gets $90 million per year, it should be very profitable going forward and able to bid for a lot of talent whose deals are up and as important, retain its own top talent because WWE would bid for some of them. It also should be noted that a lot of top AEW talent is under 200 pounds, and those guys are not likely to do well in the WWE system”

A number of top stars in AEW have deals set to expire in the next couple of years, including MJF, who on numerous occasions has teased a jump to WWE, and believes his contract coming up will result in ‘the bidding war of 2024’.

AEW President Tony Khan has admitted that he’s anticipating more ‘free-agent movement’ both ways when more contracts expire.

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