Several Scrapped WWE Raw Segments Revealed

3 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Several Scrapped WWE Raw Segments Revealed

Thanks to Sean Ross Sapp on Fightful Select (subscription required and recommended), several segments from Raw Underground were filmed that, for some reason, didn’t make it onto TV.

Sapp notes that segments involving Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke, Angel Garza, Dolph Ziggler and more were filmed in advance of last night’s show, but didn’t make it onto the final broadcast.

Fightful has learned that several WWE Raw Underground segments were scrapped last night without even being viewed.

The first featured UFC veteran Jessamyn Duke taking on an enhancement wrestler in a match that went about one minute. Duke received high praise for her striking int he segment, which didn’t end up airing. Following her win, Marina Shafir took on another enhancement wrestler.

Later, Titus O’Neil was given a spotlight on Raw Underground, which then evolved into Riddick Moss taking on Titus. Lastly, Ivar faced Dolph Ziggler, but Angel Garza got involved, which resulted in huge bumps everywhere.

We were not given a reason why the segments were scrapped.

This certainly makes sense, as it was reported that the script for last night’s Raw was pretty much entirely unwritten by Vince McMahon just before the show. The script reportedly wasn’t finalised until an hour into Raw.

Of course, because Raw Underground content isn’t filmed live, there’s always the chance that WWE can use some of these segments on future episodes of Monday Night Raw.

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