Shane McMahon Reaction To Son Declan McMahon’s WWE Pitch Revealed

Shane McMahon Reaction To Son Declan McMahon’s WWE Pitch Revealed WWE/Twitter

Shane McMahon’s Declan McMahon has revealed the inspiration behind his team’s custom WWE title, sharing his father’s reaction to this WWE integration.

Declan recently made an appearance at WWE Fastlane, surrounded by his football teammates in the crowd, while holding his custom Indiana Hoosiers themed WWE title belt.

In a video shared by the Indiana University football Twitter account, Declan explained that he and his teammates discuss WWE a lot, so had the idea to combine Declan’s WWE and football roots.

Noting that Shane McMahon supported his pitch, Declan said:

“Me and a bunch of the guys on the team, including Noah, we talk about WWE a lot. We were thinking of bringing a belt over to IU would be so cool. So, after we got the green light from the captains, we were like, yeah, let’s really make this thing happen.

“My dad instantly was like, that’s sick. And my dad says all the time, he’s like when you’re the champ, it means something. Right?

“And having that belt and having that meaning just on the sideline, it just creates a lot of energy and a lot of momentum.

“The first rendering of the belt, we just wanted to get it right away, obviously, you know, so we just had the two side plates rendered in. And then in the other belt that we’re gonna be bringing out, that one, it took a little bit more rendering.

“It felt like a lot of pressure at first because you’re like, wow, you know, a lot of people are gonna see this. Right? You know? And it’s not like the set belt that everybody sees on TV, right?

“It’s truly one of one. There’s none other like it in the world.”

Declan hasn’t appeared on WWE TV too much, but notably accompanied Shane McMahon during his WrestleMania 32 entrance, ahead of Shane’s Hell in a Cell match against the Undertaker.

Transcription via Haus of Wrestling

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