Shane McMahon ‘Doesn’t Know How To Wrestle’ Says Ex-WWE Star

Shane McMahon ‘Doesn’t Know How To Wrestle’ Says Ex-WWE Star WWE

Former WWE Tag Team champion René Duprée has lambasted Shane McMahon for his wrestling style, and overall approach towards wrestling.

Duprée is a two-time champion in WWE, winning the World Tag Team Championship with Sylvain Grenier in 2003, and the WWE Tag Team Championship with Kenzo Suzuki in 2004.

In winning the title with Grenier, Duprée became the youngest person ever to win a championship in WWE at 19 years old.

Speaking on his YouTube channel Cafe de Rene, Duprée laid in to Vince McMahon’s baby boy:

“He doesn’t know how to wrestle. He just knows how to do stunts, and doing all those crazy stunts, it actually hurts the business because you’re hot-shotting it, right?

“So for him diving off the cage, yeah, he gets the pop, but that makes our job even harder to get a reaction.

“And he wrestles, what? Once a year on pay-per-view, right? I don’t think he is even around anymore, right?”

Duprée also speculated that McMahon’s demeanour may have been attributable to a medical condition:

“I mean, he was always nice, but I think he definitely suffers from… I think he has actually admitted that he has some type of mental health problem. Yeah, like, I don’t know if it’s like ADHD or something.”

McMahon has previously spoken about being diagnosed with ADHD on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast.

Transcription courtesy of Sportskeeda.

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