Stone Cold Playing Video Games Is Twitter’s Latest Meme

11 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Stone Cold Playing Video Games Is Twitter’s Latest Meme WWE

Every few weeks, a photo or video or tweet makes the rounds on wrestling Twitter, giving us a nice break from the usual tribalism and toxicity of the social media platform.

A few months ago, when Cody Rhodes was a guest on the Broken Skull Sessions podcast, he took part in a lightning Q&A with Steve Austin, where Cody claimed that Ocarina of Time was the best Zelda game (he’s correct, just fyi).

Stone Cold retorted that Breath of the Wild was the best Zelda game, which Cody claimed was a bold choice. However, the idea of Austin taking trips to Hyrule in his spare time was what caught Twitter off guard.

To double down on Austin’s claim, WWE shared behind the scenes pictures from Broken Skull Sessions, one of which shows Austin playing the game on Nintendo Switch.

The photo of Austin playing on the Switch very quickly became a meme on Twitter, with many people editing the game on Austin’s screen, as well as providing dialogue for the imaginary scenario, including Austin’s cadence.

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