Top AEW Name Questions Why Dynamite Grand Slam Did Not Draw More Viewers

Top AEW Name Questions Why Dynamite Grand Slam Did Not Draw More Viewers AEW

A top AEW name has questioned why Dynamite Grand Slam did not draw more viewers.

The September 21 edition of AEW Dynamite marked its second annual Grand Slam event with five championship matches including the conclusion of their Tournament of Champions to determine the new AEW World Champion.

Despite a stacked card and weeks of build, the show drew 1.039 million viewers, which was down from the week prior.

Speaking on the Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross questioned why All Elite Wrestling couldn’t pop a bigger number for AEW Dynamite Grand Slam.

Ross said:

“It was an interesting thing, how do you explain the fact that AEW does around a million viewers on a big-time hyped show that is loaded with five title matches, how do you justify or explain that? I don’t know the answer to that conundrum, I really don’t. You’d think we were providing the audience with what they wanted to see; all of our top programs, all the titles that were significant are getting some exposure. When you don’t have those massive numbers that you were hoping for, it’s hard to explain why that happened.”

The drop in viewership is a bit perplexing, but not completely unheard of with the same happening for WWE and AEW TV in the past.

As previously mentioned, WWE SmackDown was the big ratings winner for the week in wrestling with a massive audience of 2.5 million for the September 23 edition.

Stay up to date with the ratings for WWE and AEW at this link.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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