Update On WWE Star Braun Strowman Injury Status

Update On WWE Star Braun Strowman Injury Status WWE

Find out what Braun Strowman’s tag team partner Ricochet had to say about his recent surgery and an update on how he is doing.

Before being out of action with WWE since early May, Braun Strowman was in a tag team with Ricochet.

The perhaps unlikely duo came together after some social media exchanges between the pair were squashed and they went on to be a fan favorite pair.

In speaking to Steve Fall for Ten Count Media, ahead of last weekend’s SummerSlam, Ricochet said:

“He’s doing great, he needed a little surgery, but he’s doing great.”

“He’s recuperating, he’s doing fine. I know he’s ready to get back, I can only imagine he’s ready to get back

I miss my tag partner, I think we had something good going. I think the fans were getting into it pretty good. Obviously, I want to be tag team champion and who better to have on your side than the biggest man on the roster? I can’t wait him to get back. He’s doing great.”

While it is difficult to characterize Strowman’s surgery as ‘little’ (the 6′ 8″ star having undergone a fusion on his C4 and C5 vertebrae) it is great to hear the star is doing well.

Ricochet for his part went on to be defeated by Logan Paul during his SummerSlam opening match against the social media star.

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Transcription via SEScoops

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