Update On Rumored Britt Baker AEW Backstage Conflict

Update On Rumored Britt Baker AEW Backstage Conflict AEW

UPDATE: Just for further clarification, neither LuFisto nor Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp said that Britt Baker was involved in an incident with LuFisto, nor did this article say that either of them did say that. Fightful has now confirmed “Britt Baker 100 percent was not responsible for keeping LuFisto away from AEW”.

Sapp’s comment about him “understanding” why Baker has “got her guard up” because she “experienced some stuff” was clearly a separate point in general about things Baker may have said/done backstage (such as situations shown on AEW All Access) and/or on social media. It was not a comment about anything involving LuFisto specifically. If it was, this article would have said that.

Original story (unedited since publishing):

An update has emerged on more AEW backstage conflict rumored to involve former Women’s World Champion Britt Baker.

Yesterday, in amongst all the talk on social media about the booking of AEW’s women’s division, as well as some criticism of the match between Baker and Taya Valkyrie on Dynamite this week, prominent indie wrestler LuFisto tweeted:

It’s cute how people blame booking for a bad women’s division.

Talent with too much power; talent denigrating each other; talent trash-talking potential employees so they never get in as soon as they walk in…

It starts here.

– The one you called FN French Canadian asshole

LuFisto has worked one show for AEW, that being an AEW Dark ‘Elevation’ taping in April 2022 where she teamed with Emi Sakura and The Bunny in a loss to Anna Jay, Ruby Soho and Skye Blue.

Going by her tweet, it sounds like there was some kind of situation that happened backstage, but she didn’t go into any further specifics as to who there was an issue with or any wider context as to why.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has provided an update in the latest Fightful Select Q&A, addressing whether there was truth to LuFisto’s comment and any other details he could report. He said:

“Yes, there is truth to it. There is somebody that tried to hold her (LuFisto) down, that talked trash about her. There’s a lot of trash talking within that locker room. It’s something that I’ve constantly heard about over the last couple of years.

“I can’t point fingers and say who. A lot of people pointed the finger at Britt and said, ‘You talked trash about Thunder Rosa’. Listen, there’s a lot of it that goes on there.

“I will say this about Britt – Britt experienced some stuff that nobody should ever have to go through, and I understand why she’s got her guard up in that sense.

“But the LuFisto thing – LuFisto, among people that work with her and have worked with her, she just holds some of the highest respect. And there was a not-so-good situation that I am of the belief emerged from a ton of miscommunication that didn’t help her out when she came in there.

“Because it was supposed to be for a lot more than what she was brought in and ended up doing. At least as it was relayed to me and relayed to her, and I mean this from the April show last year where she worked Dark (Elevation), she worked like a three-minute six-woman tag.

“There had been people that I talked to that claimed they were going to be looking at her as a potential coach, and then when I followed up and said, ‘Oh, what happened there?’, they’re like, ‘I don’t know’, and then I was told no meeting happened, anything like that.”

No-one in AEW has publicly responded to LuFisto’s tweet, nor has she expanded any more past what she said initially.

We’ll keep you posted with any more updates.

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