Vince McMahon ‘Not That Involved’ In WWE Creative Says Nick Khan

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Vince McMahon ‘Not That Involved’ In WWE Creative Says Nick Khan WWE

WWE has undergone a major shakeup in the past year, with Vince McMahon retiring from his role in the company, with Triple H taking over as the Head of Creative.

McMahon used his power as the primary shareholder in the company to elect himself onto WWE’s board of directors back in January.

With a major shakeup taking place twice, WWE CEO Nick Khan recently spoke to The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast, where he praised WWE’s employees and shareholders for remaining calm during the situation.

He said:

“The most important thing to us, John, the shareholders. Everybody stayed calm. We knew that there were some good folks in the pocket. And our employees, we have 1,000 employees worldwide and we wanted to make sure they stayed calm too. They did, the shareholders did as well. That made it a heck of a lot easier to keep everybody focused on the business, which is as you know at the end of the day, the most important thing.

“So I think we collectively got through that because of the good folks we work with, because of the strong shareholder base that we have. And hey, fortunately, we’re on the other side of it.”

Since McMahon returned to the board, fans have speculated about McMahon potentially returning to creative in the company.

Khan was asked about how involved McMahon is in the running of the show, where he reiterated that Triple H is the head of creative in the company, and McMahon is ‘not that involved’.

He said:

“Not that involved. Triple H, Paul Levesque, is the Head Of Creative. He was named the Head Of Creative in August,” Khan said. “Vince has respected that, he’s embraced that. It’s also his son-in-law, as I’m sure you know, so they have their own dynamic. And from my point-of-view, things have been terrific for the past couple of months since Vince returned.”

HHH had told WWE talent after McMahon’s return that he “may have discussions” with McMahon about creative, but assured that HHH was the one making final decisions.

According to Fightful, “WWE reps have vehemently denied that McMahon is involved” with creative.

McMahon was backstage at WWE Raw in Boston, Massachusetts on March 6, with the story being that he was there to visit John Cena. Reports emerged that he was in Gorilla Position all night, but was said to not get involved in anything.

transcription via WrestleZone

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