Vince Russo Denies Reports Of Working With IMPACT Wrestling

3 years ago by Nate

Vince Russo Denies Reports Of Working With IMPACT Wrestling

According to several wrestling Twitter accounts there has been some rumors and speculation that Vince Russo is once again working with IMPACT Wrestling. Some have said he’s back in creative. Others are saying he’s back in a consultative role.

Well, Vince Russo himself has taken to Twitter in a series of tweets to deny that he is back working for IMPACT in any type of role.

In the first tweet, Russo references when he was secretly hired by TNA as a consultant. He sent an email to the wrong person. Strange how that happens sometimes.

It was revealed he had been working for them. The company wanted to keep it confidential for some reason. Some speculated it was because Russo has a bad reputation and IMPACT/TNA didn’t want the negativity associated with it.

Russo continued:

Russo adamantly denies that he is working for TNA again. So, Russo denies working for TNA.

Considering it is IMPACT Wrestling and not TNA, he either needs to learn his employer’s name or he’s not working for TNA. Of course, if it is later revealed he is in fact back for the company, he can always say: “I said I wasn’t working for TNA. I didn’t say anything about IMPACT.”


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