Report: Why Vince McMahon Decided To Release Bronson Reed

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Report: Why Vince McMahon Decided To Release Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed was released by WWE a week ago after having several ‘tryout’ matches ahead of a possible move to the main roster.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter has provided a bit of insight into how Vince McMahon viewed Reed’s matches and why he was released.

McMahon reportedly “decided against” calling up Reed to the main roster after watching him, and at that point, McMahon’s thought process was said to be a case of: “If he’s not going to be on the main roster, what’s the point of keeping him”, thus why he was let go.

Reed was one of 13 NXT names released last week, which Triple H and Shawn Michaels had no say in and didn’t even know were happening until John Laurinaitis started telling the talent.

Bronson Reed has wasted no time in calling out one of AEW’s top stars and there’s no doubt there’ll be a lot of interest in him once his 30-day non-compete is over considering his size, likeability and talent.

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