Why WWE Uses LCD Screens For Sets Revealed

Why WWE Uses LCD Screens For Sets Revealed

WWE uses set made of LCD screens because they are easier to maintain while traveling. The more you know.

Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast reported on Twitter his findings from talking to someone in WWE production. He said that WWE sets take a beating during travel and LCD panels are easier to maintain. He said:

“A while ago I asked someone in WWE production why the sets are all LCD screens.

He said this is a by-product of the HD Television for WWE.

These sets take a real beating with the travel and end up looking like crap quickly.

It’s much easier to maintain LCD Panels.”

WWE will be moving out of the Thunderdome later this month, with their first non-Thunderdome show set for July 16. One would imagine we will see some sort of new sets when WWE returns to a live crowd.

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