Scrapped Plans On Other Ways To Write William Regal Off AEW TV

Scrapped Plans On Other Ways To Write William Regal Off AEW TV AEW

In a shock twist, William Regal was seemingly written off AEW TV during MJF’s first promo as AEW World Champion during Dynamite on November 30.

Regal assisted MJF in becoming champion by slipping him the brass knuckles during his match against Jon Moxley at Full Gear on November 19.

This seemed to be paving the way for a huge storyline and alliance between Regal and MJF.

During the latest AEW Dynamite, the story ended suddenly as MJF knocked out Regal with the gifted brass knuckles.

Bryan Danielson rushed to William Regal’s aid, and Regal was stretchered out, signalling a write-off.

After reports of a return to WWE, this segment seemed to be clearing the deck for William Regal to rejoin his former company.

As reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there were a couple of other plans to write Regal out of AEW that were scrapped.

Dave Meltzer noted:

“There were different ideas debated including one favored by a number of key people, although all ideas were that MJF would end up as champion.

“Others were also for Regal to turn with him on Moxley and then be turned back to set up MJF vs. Danielson, to set up his leaving.

“Others were not so heavily involving Regal although they still felt they needed to write him out. There were just different explanations of how to end up in basically the same direction, with MJF as champion, Danielson as the next major contender, and Regal out of the picture.”

It was previously believed that William Regal had signed a three-year deal with AEW when he debuted earlier in 2022.

Since a recent update, this no longer appears to be the case with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reporting that Regal’s deal expires in December.

WrestleTalk will keep you updated as the situation unfolds.

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