Former WWE & AEW Star Shares Origin Of Famous Catchphrase

Former WWE & AEW Star Shares Origin Of Famous Catchphrase WWE/AEW

A former WWE and AEW star shared the origin story for their infamous catchphrase that extended from one company to the other.

In an interview with the Whole Story podcast, Vickie Guerrero shared the origin story of her infamous “Excuse me!” catchphrase.

Guerrero explained:

“‘Excuse me’ was a fluke, I was going live on ‘Raw’ and I was in a wheelchair kayfabing that I was injured and they changed my promo about five or six times and I went out there and Teddy Long was pushing me in the wheelchair and I wasn’t memorizing any of the promos.” 

“He goes, ‘Yeah, you’re going to suck tonight, this is awful,’ He felt so bad for me.”

While she came out and tried her best, instead of having any of it memorized she just went with the moment.

As the fans shouted abuse at Guerrero, it was her off the cuff response of yelling, “Excuse me!” that ended up sticking and became her longstanding catchphrase.

Elsewhere in the interview, Guerrero noted that the one AEW star that she hasn’t dropped the catchphrase on but absolutely still would?

The current AEW World Champion, MJF.

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Transcription via WrestlingInc. 

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