WWE Backstage Reaction To Vince McMahon Changing Plans

WWE Backstage Reaction To Vince McMahon Changing Plans WWE

Some details on the backstage reaction within WWE to Vince McMahon changing creative plans have been revealed.

After months of Paul Levesque (Triple H) leading WWE creative, Vince McMahon returned to being backstage at shows for WrestleMania and the Raw after WrestleMania, getting himself involved in things once again.

For the Raw after WrestleMania in particular, there were reports that McMahon had made heavy changes to the show, and quite frankly, the show was not received well at all.

Since that point, McMahon has not been backstage at any shows, but he has still been working remotely and making changes to creative where he deems necessary.

Fightful Select has posted a new report detailing the reaction to McMahon’s involvement, with many in the company saying they’re currently in “wait and see mode” about how things pan out.

Several wrestlers were said to be “upset with what they saw” when it came to McMahon changing things for the Raw after WrestleMania, which was very soon after morale had been touted as being great with Levesque having been in charge for a while until that point.

WWE’s European tour a month ago did reportedly boost morale once again though.

According to people in WWE, McMahon’s changes do seem “a lot heavier” and having “less reason to them” when he’s backstage as opposed to doing it remotely, but there are still said to have been some “heavy alterations” even when he isn’t there in person.

One thing that talent have said is that they do feel like they have more freedom with their promos when McMahon isn’t there.

People are still “on guard” about the potential of McMahon reappearing backstage on a consistent basis, but there are some who do think he realized the chaos it was causing when he was there and has therefore decided to work remotely instead.

The official situation is that Levesque does still lead creative, it’s just that McMahon can overrule him if he wants to.

If you were wondering if that’s something Endeavor would look to change when the new TKO company comes into effect, the answer seems to be no.

Ari Emanuel has spoken extremely highly of McMahon’s involvement, and it was even a condition of Endeavor’s negotiations for the deal that they wanted McMahon to stay in his current position until he is no longer able.

McMahon did not travel to Saudi Arabia for Night of Champions, but there was an office set up there in case he did.

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4 months ago by Liam Winnard


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