Report: WWE Considering Shopping Documentaries To Outside Networks

8 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Report: WWE Considering Shopping Documentaries To Outside Networks

A new report has revealed that a number of upcoming WWE documentaries might not be initially released on Peacock and the WWE Network.

With the exception of the recent ‘Never Forget: WWE Returns After 9/11‘ special, WWE hasn’t released many documentaries on Peacock and the WWE Network in the last few months.

As per PWInsider, there has recently been talk within WWE about completed documentaries getting shopped to see if there is any ‘outside interest’ for them. If this plays out, we could see the likes of ‘Superfan: The Story of Vladimir’ air on a non-WWE platform.

The report speculated that WWE could be in negotiations with A&E, following the success of the recent Biography series, however it was stated that there has been no confirmation that talks between the parties are ongoing.

In July, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Superfan: The Story of Vladimir’ were shown during the prestigious LA Shorts International Film Festival. During the same month, a number of unfinished WWE documentaries were reportedly shelved.

Ruby Soho recently revealed that Giancarlo Dittamo, one of the directors of ‘Superfan’, released by WWE earlier this year, approached her with the idea to produce her post-WWE vignettes.

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