WWE Star Shares Real Feelings About Moving To NXT

WWE Star Shares Real Feelings About Moving To NXT WWE

A WWE star has revealed how they really feel after moving from the main roster to NXT after appearing on the program several times.

Speaking to WWE’s The Bump, Drew Gulak explained viewing a move to NXT as an opportunity.

Gulak said:

“I have had a unique opportunity presented to me by certain people, and I see an opportunity for myself to only grow, but also to potentially help other people along the way. As you’ve seen, we talked about The Bloodline earlier, we know there’s strength in numbers here in WWE.

“So anybody with any sense will not turn down potential resources for that, resources being a primary thing in NXT. It’s a theme there. So I’m keeping an eye out, and Hank is someone who came up to me and reminded me of myself in my younger days and asked me for some help.

“So this week, we hold a seminar, the Drew Gulak Invitational. So please tune in next week. Maybe you’ll learn some stuff.”

It has become commonplace recently for main roster stars to make appearances either one off or more regularly from the main roster.

The New Day from SmackDown are currently the NXT Tag Team champions so anything is possible for Gulak!

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Transcription via Fightful


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