WWE Hall Of Famer Says WWE Is ‘Treating Talent Like S**t’ With Brock Lesnar Booking

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Hall Of Famer Says WWE Is ‘Treating Talent Like S**t’ With Brock Lesnar Booking

A WWE Hall of Famer has criticised WWE for its booking of WWE Champion Brock Lesnar on the basis that he is only a part-time talent.

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, who recently debuted for AEW as the manager of Lance Archer, said that the way WWE books Lesnar is “treating your talent like s**t”.

Speaking on FlipDaScript, Roberts said:

“The thing about Brock is man, he’s not an everyday wrestler. He’s a once a year guy, or three times a year guy. And to me, you are really treating your talent like s**t to, every year come Wrestlemania time after these guys have busted their asses for 365 days, when it comes time for the big one, they bring (Lesnar) in and they have to sit down.

“What’s wrong with that? Well, from their viewpoint they are getting screwed, man. It’s a shame the WWE feels like they have to have Brock on the card to fill up a building.”

Roberts went on to recognise that Vince McMahon changed landscape of wrestling, and discussed the effect this has had, saying:

“You don’t have the same talent today that you had 20 years ago. See when Vince McMahon took over the world of wrestling, he went to every territory, they were called, and he took the top guys out of every place and put them in a big pot. Then from 1984, ’85 when it started, he had everybody who ever had a name under him, and then he used them up.

“They got one shot at Hogan, one time around and then they were gone, or they went somewhere else on the card. You didn’t wrestle Hulk Hogan twice on two pay-per-views back-to-back. Not back then, no sir. He beat you the first time. That’s what made Hogan a star, is the fact McMahon fed him all the great talent there was. That’s why you call him a champion, because he beat everybody, including Andre.

“You could put a midget out there, and if he won every goddamn match he wrestled, pretty soon you’re gonna start calling that motherf**ker a champ. Plain and simple man, people eat what they are fed. In other words, if I dress somebody up with strings on their arms and stuff and tell them to go out there and shake a rope, you’re gonna win every match. Pretty soon they’re gonna put the belt on you, and guess what everybody says? ‘He’s the f**king best man!'”

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription

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