WWE Hall Of Famer Hasn’t ‘Bought Into’ LA Knight

WWE Hall Of Famer Hasn’t ‘Bought Into’ LA Knight WWE

AEW’s Jim Ross has shared his thoughts on WWE’s LA Knight stating he’s got a “good future ahead of him” despite some issues.

Speaking on the Grilling JR podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer looked at Knight, saying:

“LA Knight is one of the favorites of the (WWE) office. I haven’t totally bought into his persona.

“And not to say that in a bad way – I haven’t seen him do anything I didn’t like. I just gotta feel it more. I gotta feel it more.

“They gotta do a little bit more character development to get me to buy in on who this dude is and why I should give a s**t.

“But, he’s got a good future ahead of him, no doubt about that.

“And LA Knight can talk, he can take bumps, he can feed a comeback, he can mechanically execute what is needed to be done.”

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At WrestleMania 40 on Night 2, LA Knight defeated AJ Styles, highlights of which can be seen below, following their feud that included a home invasion.

Knight also took issue with The Rock claiming that he had made wrestling “cool again”.

Shawn Michaels has previously discussed his belief in LA Knight’s potential, revealing that the WWE star was on the cut list in NXT ‘several times’.

Knight has also discussed the skepticism within WWE over pushing him following his surge in popularity.

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