WWE Network Add André The Giant Collection

WWE Network Add André The Giant Collection

Amongst its nine thousand hours worth of content, which includes past and current content such as vintage episodes of WWF Superstars, WWF All Star Wrestling, and fresh documentaries like their excellent WWE 24 series, it is being announced by WWE Network News that the promotion will be adding an André the Giant collection to its Network compilation on April 2.

It’s not before time either. The anthology will include some of his greatest matches, interviews, and rare footage, with many who cannot obtain the HBO channel – especially us in the United Kingdom – hoping that WWE can come to some type of arrangement with the broadcaster to capture their lauded André documentary also.

The album line-up comes courtesy of WWE Network News and includes but is not limited to:

  • André the Giant, Billy White Wolf, and Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Bruiser Brody and The Executioners (WWWF – October 25, 1976)
  • Vince McMahon Demonstrates the Incredible Size of André the Giant (WWF All Star Wrestling – August 30, 1980)
  • André the Giant invades Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF – February 1981)
  • André the Giant vs. Killer Khan – Stretcher Match (WWF at the Spectrum – November 14, 1981)
  • Body Slam Battle Royal (WCCW – June 12, 1982)
  • André the Giant vs Big John Studd – Steel Cage Match (WWF at the Spectrum – September 24, 1983)
  • André the Giant vs. Kamala – Steel Cage Match (WWF at Maple Leaf Gardens – October 21, 1984)
  • Battle Royal (WrestleMania II – April 7, 1986)
  • André the Giant Sides With Bobby Heenan (Prime Time Wrestling – February 2, 1987)
  • André the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan – WWF Championship Match (The Main Event – February 5, 1988)
  • André the Giant vs. The Ultimate Warrior (WWF at MSG – September 30, 1989)
  • WWF Honors the Passing of André the Giant (Monday Night Raw – February 1, 1993)
  • Tim White Talks About His Beloved Friend
  • André the Giant Legends Round Table

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