WWE ‘Not At All’ Interested In Bringing Back This Former Champion

WWE ‘Not At All’ Interested In Bringing Back This Former Champion WWE

Paul Levesque (Triple H) has been on a spree of bringing former WWE stars back to the company, but there’s one that we can rule out.

Four-time WWE World Champion Alberto Del Rio recently spoke with WrestlingNews.co and addressed whether a return to WWE could happen.

In the past, Del Rio hadn’t ruled out a WWE return, and at times has even sounded optimistic about the chances of it happening (even if no-one else was).

However, in the new interview, Del Rio admitted that he hasn’t spoken with anyone from the ‘new regime’, and that his previous contact had been with John Laurinaitis.

In a follow-up, Fightful Select has reported on the view from within WWE.

Even last year, when the old regime was still in place, Fightful was told by a WWE higher-up there was “no f**king way” that Del Rio would be brought back.

The same higher-up has now reiterated that sentiment, saying there were “never any serious conversations or pitches” about a Del Rio return, not even from Laurinaitis.

From what Fightful had heard, the communication between Del Rio and Laurinaitis was more a one-way street situation with Del Rio wondering if WWE was interested in him, rather than actual back-and-forth negotiations and talks.

Fightful was also told that the people in WWE who would have to be in favor of bringing him back for it to happen, actually “haven’t been keen on him” since way before he left the company to begin with.

A “tenured person in the know” couldn’t remember a time that Del Rio had ever been pitched as a surprise Royal Rumble entrant, which is something that had been rumored in the past.

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