NXT Storyline Plays Out On Social Media: ‘Pay Attention Closely’

3 months ago by Amanda Savage

NXT Storyline Plays Out On Social Media: ‘Pay Attention Closely’ WWE

A WWE NXT storyline is set to continue from the television screen onto social media with a new post warning one star to pay close attention.

With the return of Dijak to NXT, we know that his revived character is seeking justice and vengeance and it seems that he has his sights on someone in particular.

Sending a warning to Tony D’Angelo, Dijak wrote:

“Hello @TonyDangeloWWE

“I have acquired your bootlicker.

Pay attention closely, because every small detail matters if you ever want to see @Channing_WWE sauce your pasta ever again.


Along with the abduction footage from this week’s edition of NXT, Dijak does not seem to be playing around!

This storyline playing out over social media may be a continuation of WWE’s new approaches to creative.

Touted by Stephanie McMahon herself, the wildly popular ‘White Rabbit’ campaign brought an exciting new element to the WWE fandom.

With some fans electing to just see what WWE shows on television while superfans are free to engage on a much deeper level with the mystery.

While the White Rabbit mystery may have contained QR Codes, telephone numbers with creepy messages and even puzzles, we’ll have to see if Dijak’s storyline abduction of Stacks will be as layered.

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