WWE Planning Major Faction On Raw

3 years ago by Nate

WWE Planning Major Faction On Raw

Earlier tonight, we reported WWE is still considering turning Apollo Crews heel. The report from WrestlingNews.co is speculating the segment with MVP is a tease for the potential of him aligning with the sometimes wrestler/sometimes manager.

This would mean he would be under the same advisement as Bobby Lashley. WrestlingNews.co is also suggesting that MVP has gone to bat for Shelton Benjamin. MVP is advocating for getting the extremely talented in-ring performer more television time.

Shelton Benjamin, Lashley, and Apollo Crews all are incredibly talented workers. Each have their very own styles, but they all have one similar piece missing.

That piece that’s missing is the ability to connect with fans on the microphone. So, it would seem MVP could be fill that void for each of the superstars in question.

So, what could turn this into a major faction? How about a talented tag team that also seems to be lacking a voice?

Rumors are circulating that we could see Ricochet and Cedric Alexander could be joining this faction as well. We’ve come a long way from a couple of months ago where MVP was slated to manage Vink and Thorne.

How much of this is because MVP is advocating for talent? How much of this is because Paul Heyman is gone? Only time will tell, but Wrestling always loves a good faction.

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