WWE Raw, April 30 2018, News in Brief

WWE Raw, April 30 2018, News in Brief

Montreal is always a rowdy crowd and this week’s Raw was no exception. Here is a quick synopsis of the main happenings:

Seth Rollins pinned Finn Balor after a Curb Stomp to retain the Intercontinental Title in a TREMENDOUS main event

Earlier Rollins and Balor were confronted by The Miztourage to offered to help them form a new Four Horsemen of WWE. Rollins and Balor turned down this generous offer. Rollins had also teased a possible upcoming programme with Brock Lesnar by saying he wants to be a fighting champion unlike Lesnar.

Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley beat Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Jinder Mahal in your classic Bizarro World match when Strowman running powerslammed and pinned Owens. Zayn and Owens were cheered like conquering heroes in their home province. Even Jinder got cheers at times. Reigns (of course) and Lashley were loudly booed. Strowman got a solid babyface reaction for the most part.

Earlier Reigns cut a promo saying he was the real Universal Champion because the referee of his Saudi Arabia cage match with Brock Lesnar had tweeted he made a mistake proclaiming Brock the winner. He was booed like crazy. Samoa Joe appeared on screen and mocked Reigns ahead of their match at Backlash. He was cheered.

Alexa Bliss cut another brilliant ‘Moment of Bliss’ anti-bullying promo, this time telling a story of how Nia Jax bullied her on a trip to Disneyworld including making fun of her height by questioning if she was allowed on the adult rides. Genius.

Bliss was at ringside as Mickie James lost to Natalya. Ronda Rousey was in Natalya’s corner. Nia Jax came out afterwards and Bliss escaped into the crowd.

WWE capitalised on Titus O’Neil’s botched Greatest Royal Rumble entrance going viral as he referred to it in a backstage promo with Baron Corbin then later Titus attempted to enter the ring during Corbin’s bout with No Way Jose and slipped. Jose rolled up a distracted Corbin for the three count.

Ruby Riott pinned Sasha Banks with help from Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan.

The Deleters of Worlds appeared in a segment which was the usual Woken Matt malarkey

The Authors of Pain crushed two local jobbers

Elias beat Bobby Roode by referee stoppage when Elias rammed Roode throat-first into the steel post and they sold it like he’d suffered a serious throat injury

Look out for our full review of this week’s Monday Night Raw later today.


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