New Champion Crowned On WWE Raw

5 months ago by Amanda Savage

New Champion Crowned On WWE Raw WWE

A title changed hands tonight on WWE Raw.

After making a big impact at the tail end of a segment announcing the women’s division’s match for Survivor Series WarGames, Nikki Cross made a thunderous in-ring return to the championship scene.

The recently returned and more rabid than ever Nikki Cross took on Dana Brooke for her 24/7 Championship.

After a fairly short match, Cross bested Brooke to become the new WWE 24/7 Champion.

With Corey Graves on commentary noting the match was short enough that he didn’t even have enough time to say anything about Dana to get her riled up on the internet.

Elsewhere on tonight’s edition of WWE Raw, a star was exposed via secret footage from a private investigator. 

Also, after a strange graphic appeared on screen during a ring entrance, is Bray Wyatt recruiting a WWE star?

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