More Survivor Series WarGames Team Members Revealed

More Survivor Series WarGames Team Members Revealed WWE

On tonight’s WWE Raw, more members of the Women’s teams for the upcoming WWE premium live event, Survivor Series WarGames was revealed.

After being approached earlier in the night by Damage CTRL to join their team of baddies and declining, a star reveals they have joined the other squad!

There was match on WWE Raw pitting IYO SKY against Dana Brooke amid Brooke delivering a passionate online exclusive promo about the disrespect shown towards her former 24/7 Championship.

After IYO SKY bested Brooke in the match, her post-match celebration was cut short as she was interrupted by a foe from earlier in the night.

Mia Yim appeared to note that she had been considering Damage CTRL’s offer since chatting with them backstage earlier and decided she did want to participate.

She wants to be in WarGames but not with Damage CTRL… as Asuka, Bianca and Alexa Bliss joined her at the entrance.

The foursomes engaged in a staredown to end the segment as the question remains, who else will join the teams?

After the break, the questions was partially answered as Rhea Ripley approached Damage CTRL (and a staring off into space Nikki Cross) and said if Mia was with Bianca, then she was with them!

There still remains one spot on the WWE Raw squad of babyfaces, who could it be?

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