WWE Hall Of Famer Opens Up About Addiction Recovery

WWE Hall Of Famer Opens Up About Addiction Recovery WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer has opened up about the addiction recovery process and the cycle of hitting rock bottom.

In a recent interview with New York Post, Sean Waltman, better known as WWE’s X-Pac, spoke about his recovery journey that started with his addiction to cocaine, prescription painkillers and methamphetamine.

In the interview Waltman would candidly reveal:

“Whenever I thought I finally hit bottom, or other people thought that, I would always prove myself and others wrong. I’d hit another bottom.

“It’s just one of those things where for me where for the longest time I wanted to want to be better.

“I just felt like, ‘What’s wrong with me for not actually being able to do this?'”

He would also recall a suicide attempt in 2008, saying:

“It just gradually happened for me. I can’t answer what rock bottom was. Because you would think hanging myself from the roof of my apartment in Mexico, or other really bad things, would be the thing that would do it — and they weren’t. I made progress but I would fall again.”

Waltman would also highlight the factors that have led to his current state of mind, concluding:

“Finally I just got around the right people, and the right resources, and I’m just really fortunate to have a lot of great people that didn’t give up on me. Or even that came into my life in recent years that felt like taking a chance on me.”

He has continued to make occasional appearances on WWE since his retirement from wrestling in 2019.

Waltman last wrestled for Game Changer Wrestling in February 2022, appearing at two events.

He is a two-time member of the WWE Hall of Fame, being in the Class of 2019 as a member of D-Generation X and in the Class of 2020 as part of the NWO.

Transcript from NY Post.

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