Top WWE Star Reflects On Being Attacked By A Fan

Top WWE Star Reflects On Being Attacked By A Fan WWE

A top WWE star has reflected on being attacked by a fan, revealing that he tries not to cling to the experience as representative of fandom.

In November 2021, a fan jumped the barrier and attacked Seth Rollins on WWE Raw, with WWE referees and security intervening and the fan being handed over the NYPD.

In a recent interview with Mail Online, Alex McCarthy asked Rollins about the incident, saying:

“WWE fans will remember you being attacked by one of the fans at the WWE Raw show in November 2021. That was crazy to see. How do you reflect on that now?”

Rollins looked back at the incident, responding:

“I think it’s one of those things that is such a freak occurrence. It really does not happen that often. We have a great security squad.”

He would go on to discuss the fan in question, revealing:

“That guy needed help for himself, I hope he’s gotten some since… and (takes) care of himself mentally and he’s in a position where he’s not thinking those kinds of thoughts.

“I felt really bad for him and the situation he was in, his inability to cope with it as a fully mentally stable person would.”

The World Heavyweight Champion would also discuss how he felt in 2021, stating:

“I felt a lot of sympathy for him in the moment. I was thankful obviously it didn’t turn out worse than it did, thankfully security and the referees were there pretty quickly and got him off me before it was able to turn any more violent than it had.

“It was just one of those things you don’t expect to happen. I don’t want to go to shows thinking it could happen, and I don’t want to live my life being around fans like that and having to worry because 99.999999% of them are there to have fun, to enjoy the show and be part of it – not in that way.”

Rollins would also look at how he views fan interactions in more detail, saying:

“I hope it’s one of those things we see never happen to me again and when you do see it happen it’s very benign and rare – that’s my hope.

“I try not to cling on to it or use it in any way to reflect my thoughts on that guy or the audience as a whole.”

In the interview, Rollins would also discuss the scrapped plans for his stable that featured AOP, Buddy Matthews and Austin Theory.

WWE have previously had “larger conversations” about fan interactions with their stars after footage emerged of Rey Mysterio, Liv Morgan and many others being approached to sign memorabilia at airports.

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3 months ago by Dave Adamson


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