WWE Star Reveals Plans To ‘Shake Things Up’ After ‘Game Changer Moment

WWE Star Reveals Plans To ‘Shake Things Up’ After ‘Game Changer Moment WWE

Having lost one client, Mr. Stone looks to be getting himself back on track after the May 21, 2024, episode of WWE NXT.

Stone lost his former client, Von Wagner, when the star was released on April 19 2024 in what was described as ‘a main roster decision‘ by Dave Meltzer.

Since then, Stone was spotted with former client Chelsea Green, sparking speculation of a longer-term reunion.

This week’s WWE NXT saw Stone accompany Dante Chen in his winning effort against Lexis King.

King wasn’t convinced by Chen’s victory, however, demanding an investigation into the referee’s “fast” count.

Mr. Stone has now addressed the events of Tuesday night, describing them as a “game changer”, saying:

“So I just wanted to check in here, I feel like Tuesday was huge, so I just feel like I need to get some things off my chest or talk about it, or talk to someone about it, so before going into the gym, Friday morning workout, I just wanted to – Tuesday night was huge, alright? It was huge for me, it was huge for Dante Chen.

“Let’s be real, it was probably the biggest night of Dante Chen’s career, and well-deserving, couldn’t ask for a better guy than DC so props to him.

“I wanted to touch base – a few weeks ago, I saw Chelsea Green, everyone knows that I did, and look, me and her, we’re good friends, we’ve been friends, but I hadn’t seen her in a while. And seeing her kinda gave me the push or kick mentally that I think I needed to remind myself that I do have an eye for talent.

“And that’s why I’m doing this, that’s the role that I chose to have, to give up wrestling full-time to have an eye for talent. And Ava put the stamp on it by telling me I created a star in Dante Chen.

“So I am here to just say thank you WWE Universe, and also to apologize for the years of the bling shoes and the bad suits and the getting run over by tanks. But I assure you that Robert Stone is back, and I’m gonna do the only thing that I know how to do, that Robert Stone knows how to do, and that is shake things up.” 

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Robert Stone had a history of being run over by a tank in WWE NXT, courtesy of Shotzi Blackheart.

The third occasion that it happened was August 26, 2020, and that can be seen below this news story.

Stone signed with WWE in March 2019, having had a brief run in 2005, and last wrestled in April 2024, facing Lexis King.

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