Current WWE Star Gives Brutal Honest Opinion On Women’s Tag Team Championship

Current WWE Star Gives Brutal Honest Opinion On Women’s Tag Team Championship WWE

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship changed hands on this week’s episode of Raw, when Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez captured the titles from Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus, who was defending on behalf of Lita.

Since the titles’ inception in 2019, the Women’s Tag Team division has seen very few legitimate units in the division, with most champions being two single stars temporarily aligning to win the titles.

Corey Graves spoke about the change on WWE After The Bell, where he gave a brutal honest opinion on the state of the division, and how he hopes Liv and Raquel’s victory can help push the division onwards.

He said:

“The champions are going to drive the ship in the women’s tag division. It was really important for Liv and Raquel to emerge victorious and, as far as the women’s tag team championships go, I’m probably going to catch hell for this, it’s never really caught fire. It’s never been a strong division. It’s sort of been an amalgam of thrown together tag teams. ‘I’m going to team with this person tonight, we have a tag title match we didn’t win, okay, time to get a new partner.’ It’s always been very transient and constantly in flux.

“I’m talking the entire existence of the titles, since the very beginning. Liv and Raquel could be a duo who have what it takes to solidify the division and maybe sit on top for a while and maybe inspire some other superstars who aren’t getting the opportunities they so desire right now, who want more TV time, who want promo time, but they’re not getting it for whatever reason. Maybe somebody sitting backstage or in catering or a couple people sitting in NXT are going, ‘You know what, let me make a run for this.’

“We haven’t had a serious, full-time tag team in my recollection. The IIconics (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay) are the closest we had to hold the titles because they were a full-time act together. The rest have sort of been, ‘Hey, be my partner. Okay, we’ll have a little run, okay, onto the next.’ Everything feels temporary. Raquel and Liv could be very good for the division.”

transcription via Fightful

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