WWE Star Discusses Potential Talent Exchanges With Rival Company

WWE Star Discusses Potential Talent Exchanges With Rival Company WWE

Former WWE Champion Big E has discussed potential talent exchanges between WWE and a top rival company.

With WWE officially entering the ‘Paul Levesque Era’ post WrestleMania 40, many aspects of the old regime seem to now be a thing of the past, with the company now seeming to be in a less restrictive place.

We’ve seen an example of this with the verbiage used on WWE TV, with previously outlawed terms like ‘Professional Wrestling’ being said by talent and commentators.

Another example of a change in mindset is in WWE’s approach to working with other companies, with talent such as Shayna Baszler and NXT’s Charlie Dempsey competing at GCW’s Bloodsport event over WrestleMania weekend.

This has naturally gotten fans wondering what other companies WWE could collaborate with in the future, with many dream matches on the table.

Discussing the topic recently was former WWE Champion Big E, who when discussing NJPW at a Fanatics live signing would share his hopes that WWE could collaborate with them in the future.

Big E said:

“My thoughts on New Japan? I always have. I love that wrestling is in a really great spot where people have a lot of different options.

There is a ton to watch, a ton of different styles. I love Shingo Takagi. I think he is very, very talented. There’s a ton of great talent in New Japan, and I feel like New Japan has greatly influenced a lot of the style of modern US wrestling.

At least we all think we can make it in New Japan. A lot of us dream of one day doing a run in Japan, or doing a G1. But it takes a toll, from what I hear.

It’d be cool. I think we’re doing more, obviously, it’s really cool to see Shayna (Baszler) at Bloodsport. Wasn’t (William) Regal’s son (also at Bloodsport?) Yeah.

“So I feel like now we’re in an atmosphere where you might get to see a talent change between New Japan and WWE. That’d be cool.”

NJPW have a pretty established partnership with WWE’s North American rival AEW, with the two companies frequently sharing talent and collaborating for big events such as Forbidden Door.

A recent report shed some light on WWE President Nick Khan’s approach to collaborating with other companies – click here for full details.

Transcript via Fightful

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