WWE Uses AEW Strategy To Kick Off Tonight’s SmackDown (May 12)?

3 weeks ago by SP3

WWE Uses AEW Strategy To Kick Off Tonight’s SmackDown (May 12)? WWE

WWE uses an AEW strategy to kick off tonight’s May 12 episode of SmackDown.

Trends started by WWE has been used by many promotions over the past five decades in the professional wrestling world.

The overall format of shows like AEW Dynamite and others have taken elements that started on Monday Night Raw during the 90s.

However, it is a more rare occasion when WWE has used any strategy from another promotion.

Ahead of tonight’s SmackDown, WWE had a special live stream across their social media platforms to show the entrances of Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles before their triple threat match against Edge in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

This meant that the regular broadcast of tonight’s SmackDown started with Edge’s entrance with his opponents already in the ring.

This strategy of saving time on the television broadcast with entrances for their opening contest on social media has been frequently by All Elite Wrestling especially for their Rampage show.

AEW regularly has the entrances for their opening bouts on Rampage shown on YouTube and their social media platforms.

The company even started this past Wednesday’s May 10 edition of AEW Dynamite with Claudio Castagnoli and Rey Fenix already in the ring.

It should be interesting if WWE will continue to use this strategy in the weeks to come or if it was only due to the importance of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament on tonight’s broadcast.

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