Former WWE Star Left ‘Uncomfortable’ By Hostile AEW Locker Room

Former WWE Star Left ‘Uncomfortable’ By Hostile AEW Locker Room AEW

WWE’s Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) has opened up about the hostility she experienced in the AEW locker room.

Previously, Varon had discussed her experience of the WWE locker room during an unspecified return visit.

Describing that experience as the sort of way that she “will never treat a human”, Varon didn’t say when she returned, though some would suggest it was in 2021 at the Royal Rumble.

She had a negative experience backstage at AEW, too, and addressed the experience on GAW TV.

Alongside Mickie James and SoCal Val, Varon was joined by Allie Katch with the conversation turning to negative backstage environments.

Speaking of her AEW experience, Varon said she had gone looking for producer Sarah Stock, explaining:

“I even felt that at AEW. I went backstage to go find Sarah (Stock). She goes, ‘Are you gonna come back here to say hi to me?’ I go, ‘Um, can you meet me at the curtain?’

“I go, ‘Oh no, all the new talent’ and then of course when I went back there, I got the look like, what the f**k is she doing here? Excuse my language. I felt uncomfortable.

“Only Mark Henry, Sarah, (Christopher) Daniels and just the people that we knew, even some of the people that we knew in the past, they were like, ‘Are you gonna watch the second show?’

“And I go, ‘Let’s go.’ I felt very uncomfortable.”

It had previously been reported that backstage divisiveness had become worse since the return of CM Punk on June 17, but newer reports indicated that has died down since his initial comeback.

Transcript from Post Wrestling.

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2 months ago by Dave Adamson


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