Current WrestleMania Weekend Ticket Sales Including Raw, NXT & More

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Current WrestleMania Weekend Ticket Sales Including Raw, NXT & More WWE

WrestleMania weekend is over a week away and details on ticket sales for the slate of WWE events have been revealed.

Dave Meltzer provided an update for the weekend in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), writing:

“For the WWE events the 3/31 Smackdown and Hall of Fame event at the Arena, they had 14,393 tickets out and are 838 tickets shy of sellout, so they will sellout.

“Stand & Deliver with a 9 a.m. start time on 4/1 has 6,678 tickets out in the same building, which is far above last year in Dallas, although there have been WrestleMania week NXT shows that have done much better.

“From 2015 to 2019, the WrestleMania NXT big event over the weekend sold out but it has not done so since 2019 and this year will be well above last year but far from a sellout.

“Day one of WrestleMania is at 62,351 tickets out. The number jumped as they have started to set up the stage and production and in doing so have opened up a lot of new seats this week.

“At press time they had 64,213 seats open for both shows. They should be able to open up for 75,000 and if needed, could expand to 95,000.

“Day two is at 62,961, so the two shows are pretty much the same.

“The Raw after Mania is essentially sold out at the Arena with 15,306 tickets out. This used to be a traditional sellout but in recent years that hasn’t been the case.

“In addition, ticket prices are higher for these shows than ever before, other than Mania which is up in price from last year and the two shows combined will break the gate record for “WrestleMania” but neither show will break the $17.3 million record of the first time at AT&T Stadium.”

Meltzer also reported that, with attendance at recent episodes of WWE NXT being down, there had been a request to boost attendance through “friends and family” for the two show recording which included the go-home show for NXT Stand & Deliver.

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