Axel Tischer Reacts To WALTER Becoming Gunther & Marcel Barthel Becoming Ludwig Kaiser (Exclusive)

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Axel Tischer Reacts To WALTER Becoming Gunther & Marcel Barthel Becoming Ludwig Kaiser (Exclusive) WWE/WrestleTalk

Ahead of PROGRESS Chapter 134: No Mountain High Enough, Axel Tischer (fka Alexander Wolfe) spoke exclusively with Sanchez Taylor for about his time in WWE, and goals for the future.

Following his time with SAnitY, Tischer joined forces with Gunther (WALTER), Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner in 2019, as Imperium.

Gunther and Marcel Barthel notably joined the SmackDown roster last month, with Barthel adopting the new name ‘Ludwig Kaiser’.

Sharing his thoughts on the presentation changes, Tischer said:

“Of course people get frustrated when change is coming, but in the end, they get used to it. I believe it’s a smart move by WWE. Because it’s all about money, and it’s a corporation, and a corporation does corporate things, and if you, for example, do WALTER, that’s his own name, so if you do merchandise with WALTER, you probably do not get that share you would get right now with Gunther. And also it’s smart because so many people just got crazy about the name change, everybody talks about it. That’s what they want. They want to get the attention, they want to get trending, they want to get people talking about it on social media.

“It’s just a smart business strategy, and to be honest, if you watch a movie, if you see for example ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson, you see now Black Adam, so you play as a character, right? It’s not ‘The Rock’ Adam Johnson, or Black Rock, or whatever, it’s Black Adam. You play as a character, same as wrestling. But with wrestling, especially WWE, it’s 24/7. And now you have a guy who is money, and you wanna make money with him, of course you have to change the name because then you make more money with it.

“Same with Ludwig Kaiser. Marcel Barthel is his real name. You have to copyright it sooner or later, and they didn’t a lot of times, with a lot of guys, and they have it in their contracts, but for now, they change all the names and they wanna have new characters, and switch it back-and-forth, that’s what they do and that’s what they always did. Just for a period of time, they kind of let it slide, and then they figured out, ‘Hey, we need to make more money because we’re a corporation and that’s what we do’. So I totally understand that move and I wouldn’t do it any different.”

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At PROGRESS Chapter 134 this Sunday (May 15), Tischer will face off against wXw stars Maggot, Jurn Simmons and Bobby Gunns in a four-way Super Strong Style 16 qualifier, with the winner earning a spot in next month’s tournament.

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