Luke Jacobs Reacts To Axel Tischer Challenge, Names Dream PROGRESS Atlas Title Challenger (Exclusive)

Luke Jacobs Reacts To Axel Tischer Challenge, Names Dream PROGRESS Atlas Title Challenger (Exclusive) Head Drop Photography

Following PROGRESS Chapter 134: No Mountain High Enough, Atlas Champion Luke Jacobs spoke with with Sanchez Taylor for about his title win, and future with the title.

Jacobs notably won the Atlas Tournament to become champion, defeating former WWE star JONAH (fka Bronson Reed) in the finals at Chapter 133: Stop Motion Skeleton Battle. Earlier in the tournament, Jacobs scored huge victories over ex-WWE star Big Damo (Killian Dain) and independent standout Warren Banks.

The 21-year old star stated that he felt like he was the underdog of the whole tournament, noting:

“I think going into it I was an underdog to everyone apart from myself really. I knew who I was in there with, I know where these guys came from, I watched them on the telly at 2am in the morning, watching their pay-per-views.

“I’m very confident in my own ability. I’ve been doing this for nearly seven years now, I know what I’m doing, I’m young and hungry. Going in, I was really confident to be honest. Being in there with people like Big Damo, I had faced Warren Banks before, he’s one hell of a wrestler, and JONAH, you can’t let the star power take away from your confidence. You’ve just got to go in there and give it your all, no matter who you’re up against.”

Big Damo praised Jacobs’ work on multiple occasions on the lead-up to their first-round clash. Arguing that things have now come full circle, Jacobs said:

“I suppose it is kind of weird to see these guys that were on TV, and now they’re watching me or studying my tapes to face me. It comes full circle. Big Damo is a guy that came from the same scene as me, FutureShock Wrestling, that scene. He has come from there, went (to WWE) and is now back with guys like me who are coming up. It’s nice that it’s come full circle.”

At PROGRESS Chapter 134, Jacobs successfully defended his title against Roy Johnson. Following the match, Axel Tischer (Alexander Wolfe) challenged Jacobs to a title match at Strong Style Weekend.

Jacobs made it clear that he’s confident he won’t be losing the gold anytime soon:

“I went into (the event) completely confident. I have more confidence now as a wrestler than I’ve ever had in my life. I am very confident in my own abilities, and I’d like to think I defended my belt in convincing fashion.

“My lariat isn’t just this little clothesline that other people throw away, it means something when I hit that move, as you see. I think I beat (Roy Johnson) in like six minutes. I’m just looking forward to carrying on this wave of confidence, ride this and take on all challengers because I don’t plan on losing this title anytime soon

“Axel’s a guy who I’ve faced in the past, a little while ago now. I know what he’s capable of and I respect where he’s been and what he’s done. He’s done great things but he’s back here now and this is my promotion.

“I’m one of the top guys here now, he isn’t. He’s coming out and challenging me. Even from the last time we faced each other, I’m a completely different person so again, I think it will be a shock, the level and standard I’m going to bring.

“On a level, Axel and I probably have very similar ethics and mindsets to pro-wrestling, the mat is sacred. RingKampf, Imperium, whatever they’re called now, I think they have a bit of an attachment to the Atlas title, especially with WALTER (Gunther) (previously holding the title). I don’t change my style for anyone, no matter how big or small they are, I just hit them.”

If he walks away from his clash with Axel Tischer with the gold, Jacobs wants to defend the Atlas Championship against a name who has had his number in the past:

“I’ll take on anyone, absolutely anyone. From Europe, America, Japan, I don’t care. There is someone who beat me once and it kinda messed up my mind a bit, that’s Ricky Knight Jr. He’s a big boy now, he’s a bit of a star, we’ve faced once before and I think I’d like to do that again here.”

PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 will take place across three nights, June 3-5. It has now been confirmed that the winner of the tournament will be awarded the currently vacant PROGRESS World Championship.

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