The Goldmine: On The Third Day, It Reigned by Alex Gold

The Goldmine: On The Third Day, It Reigned by Alex Gold

How appropriate that one year ago, WWE’S corporate poster-child Roman Reigns ended the career of a ‘Dead Man’. One year later and despite an assault of protest from loyal WWE fans, having lost the Intercontinental title to the greatest thing on RAW, The Miz, and having lost the Royal Rumble to the light-weight Shinsuke Nakamura, somehow — somehow — Roman Reigns manages to slither his way into the World Title picture at WrestleMania 34.

And it’s not because of that oil-slick haircut.

I want to say it and I want to say it now folks, it is a travesty. The only difference between this year’s WrestleMania and last year’s is that Roman will not put an end to one man’s career, but rather he might put an end to the entire WWE.

For some unknown reason, WWE have continually elevated Reigns above other more talented wrestlers (cough – Elias – cough) since he began his career with the organization almost six years ago.

In the beginning, Roman Reigns was part of a group of three subpar wrestlers known as The Shield, comprised of himself, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose – and thankfully no Michael Cole. The Shield are not and will never be the most dominant faction in professional wrestling. That distinction goes to WCW’S NWO and you know that unless you were sleeping your way through the late nineties — or weren’t even born yet.

Even at the very beginning, WWE creative must have sensed that Roman Reigns was not charismatic enough to stand alone otherwise they wouldn’t have saddled him with Rollins and Ambrose.

I realize that sometimes it takes a while for a wrestler to find his stride, to improve and to get over with fans. But never in the history of WWE has a wrestler been equally as inadequate six years after making his debut as Roman Reigns. Nevertheless, despite this fact, for some reason Roman still finds himself at the top of the ladder – bolstered there by synthesized crowd cheering and in-denial color commentators.

Why must Roman’s Empire be the pillars for the WWE’s current storyline?

Those of you who are true wrestling fans will know that Roman Reigns is related to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Rikishi and Rikishi’s former Headshrinker manager Afa. Reigns is also related to the late Rosey and former WWE champion Yokozuna. So, tthere is a lot of history between Roman’s family and WWE brass Vince McMahon.

Roman’s family was also heavily involved with WWE during Vince McMahon’s darkest hours (1991-1994) That was when ‘Vinny Mac’ was being investigated by the FBI for his wrestlers using excessive amounts of anabolic steroids. How about them apples?

So, again, why Roman is always the main of event of WWE despite ninety percent of fans not being behind him?

Then there’s Roman’s moral and ethical code. For a guy who comes out every week on RAW, spewing about how much passion he has for wrestling fans and how he shows up and works… To me, Roman has a overinflated ego that blinds him to the fact he simply isn’t anything more than a mid-carder and that he actually hurts the business by being in the main event. So, if the guy really “loves” you the fans and wrestling, why doesn’t he take the initiative and ask executives to “stop” pushing him as a main eventer? Surely someone who loves WWE and wrestling would sacrifice his own ego for the welfare of wrestling and wanting to put a stop to half-empty arenas. Because let’s face it there’s a reason Elimination Chamber 2018 in Vegas was only half sold out. Why? Fans knew or suspected Roman was going to win the Elimination Chamber match.

And for you fans who believe that Roman is the second coming of Christ returned: if you put Roman Reigns side-by-side in a match, promo, and still-shot against wrestling legends such as Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, HHH and John Cena, he cannot stand toe to toe with them on their worst day and and his best. Honestly, I compare Roman Reigns’ ability to captivate WWE fans to that of Heath Slater overall.

The only thing Roman might have going for him in the eyes of certain female fans are his apparent looks, which quite frankly, I don’t see. To me, Roman looks like a hyped-up grease monkey who isn’t even in that good of shape and who is barely able to communicate.

So, what happens when Reigns becomes the new WWE Universal Champion?

The effects of Roman winning the belt tonight will be felt negatively for a very long time. It will be the first time in WWE history when fans have been royally ignored. Roman has been unaccepted time and time again, but fans’ opinion apparently does not matter anymore. Roman winning another main event title at this stage in his already failed career will only cement to fans that WWE is completely losing the preverbal creative plot.

So, Roman wins. Who does he face? Seth Rollins again? A returning Dean Ambrose? Kane? Samoa Joe? Hey, I’m sorry Joe, but that is not a wrestling program that screams excitement. Perhaps if WWE was a wrestling promotion in Samoa, maybe. But this is a global market. It’s obvious that the WWE brass loves Roman. Does this mean he will retain the title forever like Brock Lesnar? At least Lesnar is liked by fans more than Roman.

A storm truly is hanging above New Orleans today and that storm’s name is Roman Reigns. All I can say is that it’s a crying shame that we, the WWE fans, don’t have access to a weather control system so we could redirect this storm before it causes irreparable devastation.

The bottom line is this, Roman Reigns will win the title tonight. The question is, will WWE be able to survive after he does?

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