The Politics Of Wrestling Promotions: NJPW

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

The Politics Of Wrestling Promotions: NJPW


Status: Official Partner

Since: 2014

Based: USA

New Japan has enjoyed a positive working relationship with ROH for years. Talent is often shared between the two groups, with New Japan stars wrestling on ROH supercards and ROH wrestlers appearing in New Japan tournaments and on tours. The two groups also ensure that angles and storylines cross over into both promotions. Each year, ROH holds special War Of The Worlds events featuring ROH and NJPW stars going at it and NJPW does the same in Japan. Their relationship may come under some strain due to the formation of AEW and New Japan’s desire to keep working with some of the promotion’s talent, but for now they are holding firm on the partnership. Don’t expect that to change any time prior to the co-promoted MSG show in April.

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