AEW Crowns First TNT Champion At Double Or Nothing

3 years ago by Nate

AEW Crowns First TNT Champion At Double Or Nothing

A tournament to crown the TNT Champion has been taking place on the quarantine editions of AEW: Dynamite. The title tournament culminated tonight on AEW: Double or Nothing.

The final match featured Cody vs. Lance Archer. The match had it’s share of external participants as well. Mike Tyson was ringside as the man to present the belt.

Arn Anderson was in Cody’s corner. Jake Roberts was in Archer’s corner. Jake’s Snake even tried to make an appearance.

In the end, all the people ringside would play heavily into the finish of the match. Cody became the initial TNT Champion after a ton of outside shenanigans.

During the match, Archer started walking the ropes and Jake Roberts decided to destract the referee. Why? We don’t know.

However, the distraction allowed Arn Anderson to get involved and knock Archer off the ropes. Cody would go on to hit a massive reverse avalanche suplex.

A second ref would come down to the ring and the actual ref threw both Roberts and Anderson out. Roberts would come back out with his snake, but Tyson wasn’t having it.

Tyson gets involved and Archer is distracted. Cody goes on to hit two Cross Rhodes. He would make the pin and win the championship.

Cody Rhodes wins the TNT Title. It was the right call. Cody had lost too many big matches to lose again. He needed to win one on the big stage.  Tonight, he finally did.

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