Sammy Guevara Clarifies Future With AEW After Cryptic Tweets

Sammy Guevara Clarifies Future With AEW After Cryptic Tweets AEW

After a series of mysterious Twitter activities, Sammy Guevara has addressed his future in AEW and yes, name dropped Cody Rhodes!

Taking to his vlog on YouTube, the former TNT Champion described feeling temporarily defeated but then shared his plan for the future. 

On his Vlog, Sammy Guevara said:

“Honestly, I’m pretty frustrated because I really do try and make a moment every time I’m out there but somewhere along the way, I just got this crazy amount of hate. I don’t understand really what I did but I see it, people want me to go away.

“People say they’re tired of me ‘blah, blah, blah,’ so while I’m in this negative mindset, I think maybe I should go away. Maybe, this is it for me. I had a nice ride and maybe I need to go a way to get y’all to appreciate me because that’s what you do.

“That’s what you all did to Cody when he was in AEW y’all hated him and he went to WWE and you guys love him so I thought in my mind, “man, maybe this is it for me.’

“I’m not even talking about going about somewhere else, I was just talking about maybe taking a break but I took a breath and I thought there’s still some tread on the tires, there’s still gas in the tank so we’re gonna keep going.

“We’re not giving up we’re just gonna start back over and rebuild and we’re gonna get to that f*****g title eventually.” If you use this transcription or any portion of it please credit and link to this page.

Sammy went on to discuss his upcoming match with Eddie Kingston as one thing he is putting behind him.

Guevara and Kingston are set to finally square off on AEW Rampage during AEW’s special week of programing in honor of their return to Arhur Ashe Stadium, AEW Grand Slam.

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