AEW Star Shares Creative Details Behind Highly Praised AEW Promo

AEW Star Shares Creative Details Behind Highly Praised AEW Promo AEW

Ricky Starks has detailed the creative process behind his recent promo with MJF.

During the December 7 edition of AEW Dynamite, MJF and Ricky Starks exchanged words during an in-ring segment.

The promo was been praised by fans and critics alike, with one WWE Hall of Famer comparing it to John Cena’s main roster debut.

While speaking with, Starks revealed how he prepared for the promo that everyone can’t stop talking about.

He said:

“I think you’ll hear a lot of wrestlers say, ‘Oh, I didn’t think of it. I didn’t plan it out, I didn’t write it out.’ And Cody (Rhodes) makes the same joke, but that’s bull. Even the best promos had to have some type of structure to them. And I am somewhat in the same way, admittedly.

“I’m not one to really pull back the curtain on anything here, but yesterday, earlier in the day, I had wrote out this whole thing, and in my head memorized it and did all this, and stressed myself out, and then had a match to do.

“Anything could have gone wrong where I just forget it in the match.”

Even though he prepared, Starks decided to throw caution to the win and spoke on the fly during the segment.

He continued:

“I remember Max cutting that promo and saying these comments, and in that moment I was like, ‘I’ll just wing it. I’ll just wing it. I know where I want to go and what I want to get to, and I’ll just fill in the blanks.’ So what you saw out there was me winging it. That’s how I operate.

“Yes, I can come up with some lines and think about it, but for the most part, whatever I feel, I just say, and it comes off in that moment.”

The improvising seems to be paying off for Ricky Starks. He compared his recent reception to one he got earlier this year in June after losing the FTW World Heavyweight Title to Hook, saying:

“I’m not a stranger to this type of reception to a promo I’ve done. Earlier in the year, after I lost the title to Hook, I had a similar promo. The common theme between all that is it’s just me really speaking from the heart in every single instance.”

Starks earned a shot at MJF’s AEW World Championship after defeating Ethan Page in the finals of the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament.

MJF will now defend the title against Ricky Starks during AEW Dynamite: Winter is Coming on December 14.

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